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  1. Your Wedding Photos, will be themed and styled after consultation with you. As a husband and wife team they are passionate about capturing the very best that you can be, so they can assist by organizing make up and hair stylists, locations and props. They pride themselves as being dynamic and creative when it comes to capturing your special day...they will work to find that special location or Wedding Venue for your photos...they want to capture “The Moment” the passion the feel and love of the day...a very special day your Wedding Day. Check out the online gallery of Photos

  2. Your Wedding Pictures, whether you want a classical feel to them or more contemporary...they will adapt to what you want in terms of a look...

  3. Whilst the wedding only lasts a day...the photos will last a life time...

  4. You will always have Shirley and Brent photograph your wedding...Shirley will cover the guys getting ready, Whilst Brent will cover the girls...

  5. As a bride and groom you can miss out seeing what has happened during the preparation the photographers are there to capture all of those special moments

Call (03) 327-0066 to make an appointment to visit their studio at 65a Cass Street Kaiapoi,

just 15 minutes north of Christchurch to send them an email for info

Brent & Shirley

  1. We offer Wedding photo packages that include just a few hours on the day, through too the ultimate Wedding Photo Package that includes engagement photos, the wedding day where they will have two photographers covering you and the groom getting ready, photograph the ceremony, the official photos on location, cutting of the cake and dance and will include someone to Video the Wedding.

  2. Brent and Shirley have a very relaxed style that seems to translate into fabulous images. They always work together and love coming up with spur of the moment photos, and have the experience to direct people to look their best...featured are a range of different weddings...showing we have the flexibility to cover any style of wedding.. You will always have both Shirley and Brent at your wedding, It maybe that Brent will be the photographer and Shirley the assistant or Shirley will cover the guys getting ready, Whilst Brent will cover the girls getting ready...We have found that as a husband and wife, a male will see things differently than a you have the best of both worlds...

  3. One thing we have found is that Brides miss out on so much during their own wedding...they are so much in the moment that they are unable to see what is happening around we are there to capture all that they miss out on...the people that make it to the church, the fun the mischief the guys get upto as they get ready...hence why our 2 photographer package is the most popular. Like to have a chat over coffee about your wedding here

  1. A large part of our images do not require editing as it is our desire to take the best image at the time we take the photo...

  1. With digital photography...we have photoshop that can edit images into a variety of different example of desaturated, black and white a combination

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  1. As an added service they have created a shop/directory for wedding services, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Venues, Wedding Rings, Bridesmaids Dresses, Bridal Shoes, Bridal Lingerie, Wedding Venues, Wedding you can save time by finding a range of services and products that all relate around your special wedding day...They have sourced a wide and varied range of wedding suppliers from all around the you can compare and save

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