Every wedding we do is different… which is great.. we are not cookie cutter photographers. You are unique, so we want to make your wedding photos uniquely you.

A male photographer will see things different to a female photographer…so its great working as a husband and wife team. Brent takes the main photos, Shirley takes those often missed behind the scene images.

The guys hanging out

When we sit with you over coffee and chat about your wedding day, we love discovering new places to take photos. On the beach, on the hills, in forests, on farms, by the side of the road…

This photo was taken at Castle Rock, I was facing one way and the couple said, “wow” look at the rainbow, I ran around the other side of the couple and snatch this image, it was gone within seconds.
The wedding location was decided.. we needed a place to do photos …so we drove around the area and found buildings and asked the farmer if we could use them… he said yes…when we got back for the wedding…we had mowed the lawns… awesome
We wanted to do something different, so we used props ie extra veils and stool for the bride to lie on to create this image…
We are often asked to photograph and video weddings with two brides
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